A cruise and then a lunch. This is primarily a fishing village. We took two boats (our cruise ships) for a ride up and down the river to see the village. Here our  captains were awaiting our arrival.


July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0575_-2

Tim, Alan, Karl, and Caroline were passengers in the blue boat.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0632_-2

In this photo you can see men passing building materials in chain gang fashion to build a new bridge.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0603_-2

Other boaters were very careful to slow down when approaching another boat to avoid splashing up the muddy water.

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Our oarsman looked to be 10 or 12 but I was told he was probably more like 14.

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After our cruise, we went to lunch in a rather nice home. In order to get to it however, we had to traverse some very muddy land. Note that a couple of men dragged some boards to make a walkway for us.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0709_-2

Note that all the houses are raised because of high water at times of the year.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0718_-2

Our hostess preparing our lunch.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0748_-2

Inside our hosts’ home.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0756_-2

We ate on the balcony overlooking this muddy river.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0737_-2

The following photos were taken from the area where we had lunch.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0729_-2

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0712_-2

After lunch our hostess made a cell phone call while reclining on the ever present hammock.

July 15, 2015for blog-cruise_IMG0753_-2