Texture photography is created by starting with a normal photograph and the applying a texture layer over the top of the original photograph.

Here is a photo of a cleome, which is actually pink. The texture layer was applied twice giving two different looks, one the color and the other the textured look.

October 30, 2015for blogOctober 30, 2015for FB_IMG7636-Edit-2-w 2 textures__


This one is cloned to get two of the same image and then a texture is applied.

December 19, 2013for blogtwo flowers cloned_

More flowers with textures and overlays.

January 13, 2014for blogIMGP4178-with two colors_


January 20, 2014for blogIMGP4306-two textures_



This one is done with a texture and then an overlay.

November 08, 2015for blog_IMG7825-with Parisienne overlay_-2


November 22, 2013for blogIMGP3650-with two music texture layers-Edit_


November 08, 2015for blog_IMG7870-Edit-2with texture_