Leading lines is a photography technique. The leading line causes the eye to follow it leading (usually) to a focal point in the photo.

These first three photos were taken here at Hidden Pond Farm in Springfield TN.

November 04, 2015for blog_IMG7808-2_

November 04, 2015for blog_IMG7812_

November 04, 2015for blog_IMG7818_

These next three were taken in Franklin TN at Carnton Plantation a few weeks ago.

October 08, 2015for blog_IMG6720_

October 08, 2015for blog_IMG6727_

October 08, 2015for blog_IMG6749_

This last photo was taken at Garden of the Gods in Illinois a couple of weeks ago. This photo won second place in the Photography Club of Nashville’s Photo of the Month contest in November 2015, when the theme was Leading Lines.


 The following two photos were taken in Burma.

  December 04, 2015for blog_IMG9541_  December 04, 2015for blog_IMG9587_

This was taken in Ananda Pagoda in Bagan Myanmar

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4553_