These photos were taken on July 4, 2014 from the Baptist Hospital Parking Garage.  Scroll down to see the 2015 photos taken exactly one year later from the same place. Note that in 2015 we had rain and clouds, which made the event and the picture making challenging.

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5959_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5960_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5964_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5979_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5981_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5993_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP5999_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP6004_

July 04, 2014for blogIMGP6011_

The following photos were taken on July 4, 2015 with wind, rain, and clouds.

July 04, 20152015_IMG8906_

July 04, 20152015_IMG8916_

July 04, 20152015_IMG8923_

July 04, 20152015_IMG8930_

One thought on “Fireworks in Nashville

  1. Your fireworks pics are so beautiful. That was a fun evening. I really like the way your blog has everything nice and organized.

    Have a great Day!

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