I just happened to hear the loud speaker at this event and followed the sound. Here is some of what I (along with a friend photographer) found. These girls were trying to get their horses to navigate the poles – to the left of the first, the right of the second, etc… without knocking down any poles and in the fastest time possible. Each knocked down pole added five seconds to the time.

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8013_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8037_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8054_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8073_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8079_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8092_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8113_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8124_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8153_

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8159_

This horse was just chillin in a paddock.

April 24, 2016for blog_XXX8192_

One thought on “Horse Show – Western – Springfield TN – April 2016

  1. Shelly,
    This brings back memories: I competed in Western Games in Washington State when I was a teenager, and held the figure eight stake race record for some time. The even you show here is pole bending, which my horse was quite good at as well. I haven’t been on a horse since riding a Cossack horse in China a decade ago.

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