Baby animals are well cared for by their parents. It is quite amazing to see the different behaviors of each species.

The Olive Baboon

This mama carries her baby on her back or sometimes under her tummy. The babies hang on for the ride.

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1753_

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1760_

Families seem to stay together in large groups. Also note that there is a lot of grooming done by family members.

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1841_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1833_

The Lion

These baby lions are about four weeks old in these photos. They are adorable and already think they are fierce.

March 16, 2016for blog_IMG6439_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2425_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2432_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2406_

The Thompson Gazelle

I loved the Thompson Gazelles. I wanted to bring home one of the tiny ones. They move so elegantly.

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2601_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2625_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2617_

The Zebra

Zebra babies have brown stripes rather than black like their parents. Note that every zebra has a different pattern of stripes.

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3168_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3160_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3138_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3036_ Giraffe babies March 18, 2016for blogIMGP4416_

March 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5434_

The Cheetah

These cheetah babies are very young. We watched Mom carefully find safe places for her babies before she went to eat her prey.

March 19, 2016for blogIMGP4790_  March 19, 2016for blogIMGP4741_      March 19, 2016for blogIMGP4730_


The Elephant

The magnificent elephant. When you see them up close they are huge – even the babies.

March 19, 2016for blogIMGP5275_  March 23, 2016for blogQQQQ6007_  March 23, 2016for blogQQQQ6020_

The Wildebeest

There are many wildebeests in Tanzania. At this time they were beginning their annual migration with their babies and with zebras to Kenya. If you look carefully at the photo below you can see the umbilical cord still attached on the baby.

March 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5498_  March 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5493_

The Hippopotamus

Talk about huge… the hippopotamus is huge. And the baby is actually cute.

March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7647_