The Great Migration

Every year, thousands of Wildebeests migrate from the savanna in Tanzania to greener pastures in Kenya. They are accompanied by Zebras and Gazelles.


March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1296_

The wildebeest has a keen sense of smell but a poor sense of sight. As they move, they deposit a scent from their feet, to the ground. This way they can follow each other. March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1302_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1732_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3251_  Mother and baby wildebeest

March 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5493_

Wildebeest familyMarch 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5511_


March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1264_

Have you ever seen zebras in this position? Here is why they do it.

Zebras have a keen sense of sight but a poor sense of smell. If they rest in this position, they can see 360 degrees and therefore are aware of predators anywhere around them.

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1539_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1682_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1721_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2533_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3081_  This mama zebra seems to be scolding her baby.March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3095_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3160_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3168_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3191_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3263_

We watched zebras using this rock as a scratching post.March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3269_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3293_  March 20, 2016for blogQQQQ5487_

Thompson Gazelle

This animal is one of my favorite. They move so beautifully. I wanted to take one of the little ones home with me.

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1425_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2617_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2620_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2625_

March 14, 2016for blogIMGP0985_

Because the wildebeest has a poor sense of sight but a keen sense of smell, and the zebra has a keen sense of sight and a poor sense of smell, these two species team up and tend to live and travel together.

Here you can see parts of the migration of 2016. Look carefully in the distance of this first photo to see thousands of wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles migrating.

March 21, 2016for blog_XXX7390_   March 24, 2016for blog_XXX7785_

This final photo was taken from our vehicle. We were in a traffic jam waiting for these migrating animals to let us pass.

March 24, 2016for blog_XXX7848_