Dung Beetle
The male Dung Beetle finds a piece of dung and then rolls it in the dirt so it gets to be a larger and larger round ball. The female will get on top of the ball and go along for the ride. They find a spot to bury this ball, which can be as much as 250 times their own weight. Then the female lays her eggs inside the ball. When the baby dung beetles are born, they dig their way out of the ball and start the cycle over again.


March 19, 2016for blog_IMG7005_

March 19, 2016for blog_IMG7017_

Leopard Turtle

March 12, 2016for blog_IMG5987_  March 19, 2016for blog_IMG7126_

Black faced Monkey

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Olive Baboon 

The Olive Baboon is always in a group, often a big group. And the babies can cleverly hang onto their mama from above or below her body.

March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1753_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1808_  They also groom each other frequently.March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1841_

Wild Dog

The wild dog is not very common. We were fortunate to be able to see a large group of them.

March 18, 2016for blogIMGP4092_  March 18, 2016for blogIMGP4123_

March 18, 2016for blogIMGP4126_


March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2319_  March 18, 2016for blogIMGP3949_          March 21, 2016for blog_XXX7416_ Dik Dik

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Male Impala

March 13, 2016for blogIMGP0377_  March 17, 2016for blogIMGP3640_

Female Impala      March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1426_