Animals in the wild doing what comes naturally!

Black-faced Monkey


March 14, 2016for blog_IMG6075_male – with the bright blue genitals

March 22, 2016for blog_XXX7471_  March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7700_    March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7703_Elephant 

We waited for this male elephant to cross the road. First we were awed by how close he was to the vehicle. Then, our guide said, “See the 5-legged elephant!”

March 23, 2016for blogQQQQ6051_  March 23, 2016for blogQQQQ6054_    March 23, 2016for blogQQQQ6060_

Mating lions

Lions mate several times a day with only minutes between “episodes.”

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2764_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2767_

After mating, the female rolls onto her back and raises her legs into the air.

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2807_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2851_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2930_

At the end of the “act,” the male bites the female’s ear.

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2955_    March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2963_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2968_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2977_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3011_

Yes, we were that close…..

March 21, 2016for blogQQQQ5755_