Jama Mosque is in Delhi India. The architecture is magnificent is shape, style, and color.


As is the custom in all holy places, including mosques, temples, and other places of worship, all attendees must remove their shoes.


In the Jama Mosque, if you are not wearing a garment that covers you appropriately, there is a stack of “gowns” you can choose from to wear while visiting. Below is Linda, one of my fellow photographers in her colorful gown, with small bag on her back and camera in hand.



Children were all around at this mosque. 
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This man was splashing his face and gargling with the holy water from the pool in the center of the mosque.

And the following photos show people in prayer or meditation at the mosque.

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I could see the smile on this woman’s face even though it was covered. We were able to communicate though neither of us could speak the other’s language.