Jodhpur – The Blue City. Yes, there is a blue hue all over this fascinating city.

We spent quite a while just roaming the tiny streets of Jodhpur and saw these sights.

I did see lots of sweeping and efforts to clean up trash but did not see trash pickup services. I am fascinated that women are dressed in saris and beautiful scarves even when sweeping the trash in the streets.

This woman in the market spent lots of time setting up her little market.

Several card games being played in little corners of the city…

Visiting this home in the Blue City was quite interesting. I was particularly impressed with the baby’s hammock or cradle.

Not only do parents put makeup on their babies, they adorn them with bracelets for the wrists and ankles.

In this little shop this man irons with a primitive and interesting iron. Wow.

Snoozing on the street!

Cows are sacred in India and roam the streets freely.