People spend lots of time out of doors in Cuba. The weather tends to get very hot, and air conditioning is not available for all, so people sit outside and socialize, or watch, or play.


or shop   

Or read




   Or smoke

I do not know what this man was reading or recording….     

This was a house in the country, in Vinales



or sell wares

or get some work done – but I do not think he was on the internet – that was almost impossible in Cuba.

Here is a spot in the center of Trinidad Cuba where there is an Internet Hot Spot. People tend to gather there (especially tourists) hoping to get an Internet connection. But they spend lots of time trying and have relatively little success.


  Or make more of his sculptured items



or play Dominos is very popular. We saw lots of people at tables playing heated games of Dominos. But what caught my eye here was this guy’s haircut!

or sleep