The Neck at Saunders Island in the Falkland Island

Magellanic Penguin – Gentoo Penguin colony – Rockhopper Penguin – King Penguin

The Magellanic Penguin taking a swim in The Neck on Saunders Island, one of the Falkland Islands.
In the first photo you can see the Magellanic Penguin amongst his Gentoo Penguin friends. But then he decides he wants to go for a swim so he does. Next you can see him coming ashore and proudly announcing his arrival after which he decides to bellyflop back into the icy blue water.






Gentoo Penguin colony – here you can see the Albatross flying into the Gentoo Penguin colony

Penguins often build nests of rocks where they hatch their eggs. It is humorous to see then stealing rocks from each other’s rock piles.


Toward the top of this photo and in the center you can see a Gentoo Penguin viewing and protecting an egg.

This Gentoo’s orange yellow feet seem to light up his body.

And he or she is so cute running on those sturdy feet.

The Gentoo Penguin also likes to swim  alone

or in groups


And this guy is checking out our zodiacs and zodiac drivers who are waiting to take us back to the ship…

Rockhopper Penguins – swimming to the rocks

And now rock hopping



King Penguin

This is the juvenile King Penguin. It is just about a year old and will seen lose that brown fuzzy hair and then look much more like Mama and Daddy

The adult penguins might be discussing whose juvenile this is.

OK, he is mine….

And OK, I will feed him.

More adult King Penguins