Ocean Harbour in South Georgia – Abandoned whaling machinery – Elephant Seals – Brown Skua – Weddell Seals – Fur Seals
Moltke Bay – where we could not go ashore but did some zodiac cruising

Approaching Ocean Harbour in South Georgia offers some interesting sights. The Snowy Sheathbills…


The shipwrecked Bayard


Ocean Harbour is South Georgia was an area with a whaling station, as South Georgia was once the whaling capitol of the world. Fortunately today all we see of that today are abandoned machinery and some buildings.


Elephant Seal…

Manicure anyone?


Love is in the air

Time for a swim..
The elephant seal is huge but not very threatening. However they can move quickly despite their size.

Brown Skua


More seals



The realities of life…


Moltke Bay – we could not go ashore because there were too many seals and too little space to share with them causing a potential disaster so we did some zodiac cruising to view the area