Sagada – Sunrise, Hanging Coffins, Rice Terraces & Rice Harvesting


A wonderful spot to view a magnificent sunrise in Sagada Philippines is Kiltepan. However, in 2014 a Filipino movie called That Thing Called Tadhana was produced and shown in the Philippines. It included a scene at Kiltepan. Ever since then, that location is visited by 450 to 500 people every morning.

So, with the aid of talented hiking guides our group of about 10 climbed up the mountain in the pitch dark, through branches, roots, and mud at 4 am to a remote, yet undiscovered spot, equally as well situated as Kiltepan to photograph the sunrise.






Here the guides made a special coffee and snack for us (and they carried it all up the mountain)


Hanging Coffins

Hanging coffins can be found in northern Philippines. Ancient tribes believed that placing the dead high in the mountains allowed them to be closer to their ancestral spirits.


It was believed that while a person was dying they should be put in a chair. Then, the chair was attached to the coffin in the mountain.



Rice Terraces





Rice Harvesting








A local sign