This was a relatively small Sing-Sing in a village in the Sepic region of Papua New Guinea. Several tribes from local (and not so local) villages came to this spot to dress in their traditional attire, wear the traditional makeup, dance their traditional dances and sing their traditional songs.

Note that the costumes are generally made of available leaves from tress and bushes in the area.

This is a spirit house. Only men are allowed in the spirit house but as a female tourist (not from PNG) I was able to enter.

This fire and pot was in the spirit house.

Inside the spirit house, this man was making and donning his costume.

Children are very much a part of Sing-Sing.

See how this headdress is woven and decorated…

This “cassowary” is a traditional bird of the region. It dances and performs outside of the spirit house.

This woman is chopping wood that is used in combination with water and other items to make pottery.

This three and a half year old boy is cutting wood just as his father is doing close by. And yes, that is a machete.



Many people help others to prepare for the Sing-Sing

This tribe of people used burned bark to darken their skin.

Scarification is a rite of passage for young (early teen) boys to prove they are now men. The “design” is done with a razor blade and the cuts are filled with dirt to encourage infections that result in this patterned scarification. The practice can be very dangerous but the men who survive are proud of their “accomplishment.”



This is a traditional dance done by people of all ages at this Sing-Sing.


The man in the middle is the chief of the village where the Sing-Sing took place.












Note the leaves on her skirt are made of leaves that are cut into strips and then folded back and forth to create the accordion effect. The feather are from local birds.

Shells are prized by the PNG people




If you zoom in to see the cigarette, it is printed with “Port Moresby” – the capital city of PNG.

This house was being used as a place for people to prepare for the festivities.



This tribe of guys found this hidden location to get dressed and ready but the location turned out to not be so hidden.


This guy is preparing his outfit.






This guy was showing off his red tongue but I do not know how it got that way. Perhaps it is a disease.

Mothers helping kids and others get ready.


Daddy helping his daughter.


Ta Da!!!

This tribe of guys had more fun than most and kept smiling and posing.



This tribe in traditional dress, singing, dancing, and playing their instruments.

The women from the same tribe followed the men.

These hats are made of human hair and created by the tribe members.


At any moment in time there were as many as six or seven tribes all performing in the big open field.



Skeleton man…