The Karo Village people are known for their face and body painting and their elaborate beaded jewelry.

Grooming each other is common among Ethiopian village women.

Feathers and animal skins are also used for clothing and ornamentation.

This is a typical hut.

I was surprised to see the padlock on this door – however, it was not  locked.

An interesting hair style.

At first when I looked at this woman’s abdomen I thought she had stretch  marks from pregnancy. I then realized it was scarification.

Unfortunate stick fighting is common in the villages.

This photo was taken early in the morning in the village.

This wrap is fringed with bottle caps!

Shells are also a common embellishment.

The location of this village is along the Omo River.

I saw a little acorn or other item behind the ear of many Karo. I do not know the significance.

These kids kept jumping this way and then wanting to see the photo on the LCD of my camera.