What a magnificent place this is. It is difficult to capture the splendor with a camera but here are several photos taken inside and then outside of this space.

While visiting the many room in this palace a trio of singers entertained with a short acapella performance.

And who does this look like? Some time ago when Putin was visiting the Hermitage, this statue was temporarily removed.

Note – this is mosiac and jewels!

Lots of hidden messages in this painting below. The woman is in a superior position (taller in the image) and the man is pointing to a squirrel (something to do with fidelity) and holding a note implying that she (his wife) holds the purse strings.

In the picture above she is not very eager to see her lover. Below, quite the opposite.

This image might be disturbing but here is the story. The man, her father, was imprisoned and sentences to death by starvation. The daughter pleaded to visit her dad daily to wash him and comfort him. She was granted her wish but searched when she arrived ensuring she was not bringing food to him. Desperately though the found a solution.

Largest vase in the world. 19 tons of granite.