I traveled to Cambodia in 2015. It was my first international photo trip. It actually was a workshop involving instruction and guidance on the techniques around photojournalism. Following see some photos from Cambodia. At the end of this post there is a link to all my photos from Cambodia.

This woman was one of several making sticky rice by the side of the road. It was very hot but every one of them was wearing heavy hats and jackets.

This smiling guy was my cyclo driver. A cyclo is a sort of carriage hooked up to a bicycle. Yes, I was in the carriage and he was cycling. Below is a cyclo with the driver taking a needed snooze.

Look familiar? This is Angkor Wat.

The family motorbike. I saw as many as six people on one bike. This is a very common sight in Cambodia. Daddy picking kids up from school.

The child below is being blessed in a water ceremony. She is sitting just in front of her father.

I visited a school and photographed many of the children.

Here I am with the young woman about whom I did my photojournalist project. We have remained in touch. Since our meeting and when this photo was taken, she has married and had a baby girl. Today I found out that yesterday she gave birth to a baby boy who did not survive. I would like this post to be a tribute to her, letting her know how much I am thinking about her and her family.

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