This technique is addictive. Just like ORBS, not all photos are good candidates for KALEIDOSCOPES. However, it is fascinating to work with photos and produce unique kaleidoscopes.
After viewing these new ones, click below to view several more, which were posted in the past.

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Pretty Pink Lily
candle holders
Bird of Paradise
A leaping coyote in Yellowstone
Balloons on Purple Bench
Bee on Flower
Barn Door Hardware
Back Field
Brim of Hat from Ghana
Catherine Palace – Russia
Coneflower and Bee
DeSoto Ornament
Elegant Russian Crown
GUM Department Store (Red Square Moscow) at Night
Helsinki Man
Hidden Pond Farm – House & Barn
Inside the Kremlin
Ladies Room
Matryoshka Doll
Matryoshka Doll Two
Mother Volga – Russia
Pineapple Sage Embroidery
Rust Color Iris