Some memories of Cambodia. Famous sites and then some not famous sites.

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I was fortunate to view a private Apsara Dance performance.
Yes, that ladder is how this family gets into their home.
A sticky rice lady.
Cyclo driver.
This woman cooked lunches and is about to go out into the street to sell food to local workers.
The Bamboo Train… What a fun experience.
Cambodians are hard working and industrious.
Four people on this motorbike! It is common to see as many as six all on one bike.
This woman is climbing up into her home.
The New Hope School children about to begin a day of learning and playing.
A religious water ceremony.
I met this young woman and did a project about her and her life.
Today in 2020 I am still in touch with Gnyp. She is now married and has a two-year old daughter.