Kids are kids! Yes, adorable, creative, curious and great fun to photograph. See here kids in Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania, India, Cuba, Peru, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Oaxaca (in Mexico), Ethiopia, and Japan.


This young boy climbing up the ladder to his home is crying because the older kids climbed up quickly before he could do the same.
Children at New Hope School are listening to the announcements of the day.
As I passed a store front on the street I saw a man waving his hand; actually he was rocking his baby using a rope that he rigged up to do so as he tended his store.
Then he invited me to come up to the porch to see the baby.
I adore this photo that shows the love this father has for his son as he feeds him while sitting in a public square.
The children sitting together in the park near Angkor Tom seemed to be there by themselves, no adults around.
This little girl was participating in a water ceremony with her dad.

Myanmar – Burma

In Myanmar all children are required to spend a few weeks in monk training. The girls wear pink robes and the boys wear the maroon robes.
This young Padong girl has chosen to be among the “long neck” women. She was 12 years old when I met her as she was weaving with other Padong women.
This baby is accompanying her mom in the square where she is selling lunches that she prepared at home.


Yes, the flies bothered me too but they do not seem to bother these kids.


It is customary for parents to adorn their children to keep away evil spirits. So you see children with eye liner and in this case also henna decorating the girl’s hands.
This and the following photo were taken in a palace.


These children in Cuba were very eager to pose for photos.


This photo and several of the following ones were taken at a school. The children all dress in traditional outfits when they attend school.
The very “rosy” cheeks are common as the sun is quite strong.


In this very poor section of the city children gather and care for each other as they play.
I was motioning to these boys to smile so they copied my hand gesture.
This beauty was attending a wedding.
A boxing school.
He is helping his family in the rice fields.
These children live under a railroad trestle and have very little in the way of possessions. However, the smile shows her joy and happiness.

Papua New Guinea

The face paint was for the Sing Sing celebrations being held.
All adornments are made from plants and other natural items found in the environment.
This photo was taken in a school I visited. As the children speak English I was able to answer questions they had about my home, my country, and my life.

Oaxaca – Mexico

During the Day of the Dead celebrations there are comparsas (parades) in the streets of Oaxaca. Here are some of my favorite images of children.
This girl was part of a wedding party celebrating in the streets of Oaxaca.


The first set of photos were taken in the Omo River Valley. These villages are very basic. The adornments come from the environment.

These kids kept jumping and then coming back to see the photo on the back of my camera. I must have taken 40 photos.

The following photos were taken in Gondar during the Timkat festival.


Young children, like this Japanese boy, are often seen alone going to or coming home from school and taking public transportation.
When I visited Hiroshima, there were several groups of school children also visiting the historic site.