Q’Umarkaj is an archaeological site where we went to see the ruins and stroll through the “park” but after ambling several hundred feet we came upon two groups of people involved in traditional Mayan fire ceremonies. The shamans were leading the families in these elaborate offerings and prayers. We were fortunate that one shaman encouraged us to approach and explained the whole process and the individual items to the four of us.

They analyze the way the cigar burns to advise and foresee.

Each color of candle represents something different: children, love, family, business, earth, peace, etc.

These family members watched but were not participants in the ceremonies.

The following is another close ceremonial fire site. Here the offerings included tons of candy and chocolates. You can see how each photo shows the progression of the offering.

Note the eggs, one of the last things placed.

Loud popping sounds happened as the eggs burst.