When strolling the main square of Tequila we met a man dressed in full cowboy gear. We engaged him in conversation and learned that he and his family and friends were participating in a rodeo the following day. We attended that rodeo. Though there were several hundred attendees somehow they all knew that the six of us photographers/tourists were there and as we departed after spending about three hours, they acknowledged our presence and thanked us over the loud speaker for attending. Yes, this was in Spanish and fortunately a few of us understand the language.

This woman told me that her sister made her dress (and the dresses for other women and girls).

Several riders had their kids – some very young kids – with them in the saddle

It appears that some of these people were participants and others relatives of those in the rodeo.

While roaming around the agave fields we encountered this cowboy who was happy to pose for us and to ride his horse to create a dust following for us to photograph.