This post contains photos that did not seem to fit in the other categories in the Pueblos Magicos blog posts.

We walked past a small folk art courtyard factory and found these dogs all waiting for treats. They were so well behaved and patient.

Many of our hotels are called “boutique hotels” – this is the hallway of one of them. My room was just to the right next to the potted plant.

When we arrived at the hotel we could barely get in the door because they were building the entrance. It is rather fortunate that we were able to see the finished product before we left.

One evening in a town square we saw a stage being erected at one end. Then the music started and the dancers began to entertain.

I think the Mexicans find any excuse to decorate, have festivals, and celebrate.

Snakes are part of several sculptures in Mexico. I do not know the significance however.

Walking around random streets is a great way to see the culture and the way people live in that part of the world.

This is a jacket worn by a diner in a small restaurant where we ate. Yes, Frida is cherished in all of Mexico.

This heart seen from a distance is colorful and caught my eye. Up close one can see that it is a recycling container to bottle tops. A great idea.

This street is filled with items protesting crimes especially against women including human trafficking.