When I started my editing and proofreading business in 2005 I thought that I would be hired by foreign companies or individuals to proof and correct (for example spelling and word usage) signs or other public notices written in English. It turns out that I have worked on lots of PhD papers and other academic endeavors but no signs. So, I am still amused that in my travels around the world I see signs like those below.

On the sign above: Note the third “prohibition” sign. It says: No over display of affection

And the last one says: Kindly avoid displaying raising any embalms or symbols of any significance

I am also amused by the very bottom note with the explanation of what they mean by transparent:
No transparent (see through) clothing


The sign pictured below was placed near a bench and a drop off spot for vehicles.

Bathroom signs are seen all over the world. The messages and how they are expressed can be quite humorous.

Below – We stopped at this new and very lovely visitor center on our way to Assy Plateau in Kazakhstan. The bathrooms were very clean and western style (yay). This is the sign on the inside of the stall door. Hmmm, I wonder who ever flushes their apple cores down the toilet.