Here are a few sets of photos with stories to explain.

In front of beautiful historic buildings in large squares we encountered models in enormously long dresses with photographers trying to capture the perfect shot. We got in on the action.

It was quite a trek to get here and amazing that this group of people made the trek to do a photo shoot. It was almost 100 degrees.

After watching the guards marching in for the day in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, I saw these two children obviously imitating the guards. The young boy had enough trouble just trying to balance on the rocks. The family watched us, was very friendly and really wanted their photo taken.

I met this cute girl at the entrance to the felt family factory that we visited in Kyrgyzstan. She was watching and then mimicking a video of someone dancing. Sort of reminds me of my 8 year old granddaughter. And is probably like so many girls around the world.

When visiting this pilgrimage site we were told that we needed to cover our head with a scarf. I did. And, I had my two cameras around my neck and my backpack on my back. As I walked around the courtyard I wanted to take a few photos but realized that all these things around my neck, on my back, and on my head were tangled making it impossible to use my camera. I spotted a bench where this woman was sitting and put went over to it to get untangled. This lovely woman smiled and began to help me. We do not share a language but somehow we communicate for at least twenty minutes. I commented on her gold teeth; she seemed very proud of them and indicated that they were very expensive. She also showed off her beautifully embellished dress. I made a friend and really loved my time spent with her.

We were about to visit the domed mosque in the background when this group of young boys saw and approached us from their school yard. They were trying out the few English words they know and each wanted to have their photo taken.

Driving from the highlands back to the city we stopped and saw this group of kids waving to us. After stopping to chat and to take a few photos or them and their camp, more and more of them approached us – again, each wanting an individual photo. Finally the whole family was there with smiles and waves.