Watching people interact teaches us lots about the individuals but also about the culture. Here are several images of people sharing in some way.

The first few photos show a typical Balinese home with young women being made up for the holy festival happening later in the day.

see the kitchen in the rear of the house

The woman is lighting incense.

This elaborate crown is very heavy.

These women are watching the dance performance at the holy temple. Note the outfits. They are traditional and actually even visitors (tourists included) are required to wear them. We each had sarongs and sashes and white lacey blouses that we wore when entering temples – outdoor temples included.

Young people playing together makes me smile!

The musicians sit in a select area and perform their repetitive traditional music for the dance performances. They seem to be chatting and having a great time in between performances.

Love love love watching kids interact!

Mom and Dad doing what moms and dads must do from time to time…

Don’t you love the smile?

Sharing special moments

These ladies danced and welcomed us to their community in Java

A treat to visit a home and see Mama and daughter

and Grandma with her granddaughter in their ancestral home

and Dad near the window keeping the fire going

finally the Shaman and his wife, the head of the household.