Watching children relate to each other and family members interacting are people-watching activities. For me it is a way to learn about a culture and to try to understand the dynamics. Here are several images of people interacting in Uganda.

This is one of my favorite images. There are so many elements – the boy with the glasses that have just one lens, the baby nursing, the obvious poverty, the clothing, and finally the smiles.


Kids all over the world all want to do the two finger peace or victory sign and usually hold their hand or hands in front of their faces. So, to avoid this I raised both of my hands above my head and they mimicked this. I then put both hands on my hips and they mimicked that too. So now I can get images of their faces without hands in front.

Here I put my hands on my head and they followed my lead.

Several of the kids got balloons given to them by one of my fellow photographers.

I finally found out that these two are sisters.

How wonderful that older kids care for their younger siblings.

I took this image from inside our vehicle. It is a typical family with everyone on board a motor bike. In this case they are also transporting a chair.