There are numerous reasons why Islamic woman cover their heads and there are numerous types of head coverings. Some are quite simple, often black with no adornment; others are brilliantly colored and the fabric is fancy and decorative. Here are several that I saw on the streets of Istanbul.

The following two photos were taken inside a mosque.

These young women were viewing the amazing decorations on the ceiling.

Friendly and vivacious these young women enjoyed posing for this photo.

I saw this women through the window in this shop and really wanted a photo of someone wearing a hijab. I waited for a long time outside the shop and heard her talking with a man inside the shop. Finally I went into the shop and asked if I could take a photograph of her. She was shy and seemed to be asking “why do you want my photo?” We were sort of talking in sign language. I believe that the man in this small shop is her husband and the owner of the shop. She giggled and then posed for me. I had thought that women wearing the hijab would not want to be photographed so I was delighted with this experience.

This woman was wanting to take photographs of her son (I assume) but they were arguing a lot. It seems he did not want the photo taken but he finally gave in.

Though one of the reasons women wear the headscarf is to be modest, some really take every opportunity to beautify the parts of the face that are visible. What a beauty this women is!

This woman was happy to pose for me in front of a shop that I believe belongs to her. It was ironic in that her modesty in covering most of her face was obvious but the shop was just next to a lingerie shop pictured below.

It just seemed strange to me to see women with head coverings also smoking.

These women are all very young, probably under 20 years old.