There is so many shopping opportunities in Istanbul that it is a wonder anyone knows which shop to enter and what items to purchase. Copies of famous high end brand name items are sold all over the city without anyone trying to cover up the fact that they are copies. The Grand Bazaar is enormous with anything imaginable for sale. Here are some of my favorite shopping images. There are small markets all over the city. Candy, including Turkish Delight, is displayed in elaborate fashion. Shop keepers are masters of the display, whether it is fish, candy, underwear, or jewelry.

I was particularly interested in the huge loofahs as I am trying to grow them in my garden.

Of course typical tourist items can be found in any corner of the city.

Last year when I was in Istanbul for a few days my suitcase arrived damaged from my flight so I went out and bought a new hard sided suitcase – something you see on almost every street corner. However, if these are like the one I bought I would say, do not waste your money; it lasted one plane flight!

Tailors and dressmakers are available to make custom made clothing items.

This is a courtyard type area with many many bookstores. And most of shopkeepers could be found reading.

Craftsmen often try to sell items like this in tourist areas or places near tram stations.

A unique shop in Balat, a section of Istanbul.